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“The book arrived yesterday. Thank you so much; it is a marvelous, wonderful book. I sat down last night and this morning and read the first three parts and it is so filled with excellent advise that I wish I had years ago! It certainly is useful in so many situations, and will be in decisions I will make in the future. It is a book I will definitely tell my sisters and brother to go out and buy. Suzanne writes well of her and other friends or clients experiences and her advise is certainly right on…I am enjoying reading every page of it. I can find myself in many of the examples she uses. Guilt is certainly one of them”.

Early Thank You note from a reader

“This is an extremely valuable and useful book on how to successfully handle the many challenges of [caring for] aging parents. Suzanne Roberts shows great depth of experience with her practical, real-life suggestions on how to handle living arrangements, health care, and difficult emotional issues between parents and their adult children. Her book is like having a wise, supportive personal coach at your side. I’m especially impressed with her understanding of how old feelings stirred up by the new parent-child relationship can uncover hidden issues and lead to personal growth not possible in any other circumstance.”

Al Siebert, PhD.
Author of The Survivor Personality

“Coping in New Territory is a must-read for adult children of aging parents. Not only timely, it helps clarify roles and responsibilities, and suggests practical, loving, yet no-nonsense solutions to often very difficult situations. This guide helps fill a major gap in understanding aging care and family relationships.”

Janet Baker-Kahn, MA, MFT
Geriatric Mental Health Specialist

“Coping in New Territory is a welcome addition to the writings in this field. Suzanne Roberts doesn’t lecture or pontificate. She tells it how it is; letting care giving children know exactly where they have to grow up and what boundaries they need to set. Her personal stories about her own foray into this new territory are warm and helpful. She does not hesitate to confront the most sensitive emotional areas in parent-child relationships in the later years. She does so forthrightly, yet with compassion. Reading her book is like have a friend at your side.”

Vivian E. Greenberg LCSW,
Author of Respecting Your Limits When
Caring for Aging Parents
Children of a Certain Age

“What a breath of fresh air for someone with an aging parent! Suzanne Roberts has artfully developed a straightforward, yet sensitive and meaningful resource for children of the elderly. Readers will quickly gain insightful knowledge and understanding on how to embrace the responsibilities and challenges of elder care. This book provides real peace of mind in the form of noteworthy advice and recommendations.”

Paul Hogan, President
Home Instead Inc.

“What a wise and wonderful little book. And the binding is great. I know because my dog eared copy was read, consulted, underlined, and copied for the three months it took to convince, sort, pack, and move my 88 year old mother out of her own home. I know my guilt, anxiety, sleepless nights, and tears shed would have been far greater without this sturdy little book.”

Barbara Lear
Literary Consultant, Book Strategies