It Is What I Call It

As with so many things in our lives, the experience of being an adult child will be framed by whatever frame we choose to put on it.


If we see this time in our lives is a Golden Rite of Passage, rich in opportunities for our personal growth that stretch us beyond what we could ever imagine being able to do; then at the end of the day we can be tired, but satisfied.


If we see this time as something we have dreaded for years, then it will take on every negative expectation we have given it.


Or, we may close our eyes and maybe it will all go away.


The Incidents of aging will happen to our parents.

Sometimes it begins with a medical crisis.


Sometimes it happens slowly; incident by incident and we only see the progression with hind sight.


Find a Support Group. There is as a great deal of wisdom in those meetings, They may save your sanity.


What I know today is that there is an opportunity, within the changing family dynamic to learn life lessons that can be learned in no other way. There is a new level of unconditional love, patience and tolerance to be experienced, but it does not happen through magical thinking. The tools for navigating these changing relationships can be found in my book.