It’s all in a name!

The theater is a perfect metaphor to describe the final third of our life. It is our third act.


In the early part of a play, we often ask ourselves, where is this playwright going? His story lines can seem hopelessly disconnected, then in the third act it all comes together and makes sense. That is our job from age 60 on, to make sense of our life, to learn the lessons we may have missed along the way.


A child born this week can expect to live to 120. Is that child going to decide when he is 65 that he is old? No! He will be middle age at 65!!




This change is being driven by the baby boomers, which comes as a surprise to no one.


Young old (60 to 75)

Midrange old 76-90

Old 91…



For those of us who are functioning at a high level

We may creek a little when we get out of the car after driving for two hours… but hey, that is not so bad.


In my exam for Long Term Care Insurance I was a perfect 10 at age 60.


If a doctor says, “well at your age…” Question that!!


One of my favorite stories is the man who goes to the doctor with a bad knee. The doctor says, “you can expect this at your age.” The patient replied, “The other knee is the same age and it doesn’t hurt”